Event Staging Hire

  • Podiums from Albert Hall Dancefloors
  • Plastic topped Staging for hire from Albert Hall Dancefloors
  • Stage hire for weddings from Albert Hall Dancefloors
  • Staging from Albert Hall Dancefloors

Event Stage Hire

Since 1996 we have been building stages across the country. We stock a large range of steel deck in all shapes and sizes.

From circular stages and catwalks and podiums to stages for the BBC concert orchestra, no job too big or small. 

You may be looking for any of the following:

  • 50ft x 50ft Large Stage to hire for a band or orchestra or even a choir
  • 4 x 4 platform for a speaker or singer
  • 10ft circular stage for a grand piano
  • 10ft x 4ft stage or podium for a DJ booth to stand out from the dance floor
  • 100ft x 100ft raised platform for a dance competition

As you can see we can provide you with the tools to suit your event. We can of course  build these stages to any height requirements and as we often do at the Science Museum use them to build a walkway over objects or artefacts.

Previous jobs include the Beckham’s world cup party in the late nineties where we had to create a 50ft stage for the likes of Elton John and Jools Holland in a garden and ensure the line of site from every seat was the same to within an inch.

We have a selection of steps and hand railings that can partially or entirely cover the edge of your stage for health and safety reasons.

Stage at Mayfair One
The surrounding facia can be covered in any material you like, using facia boards covered in felt means you can chose the colour best suited.

If you want to see some examples of our work, why not give us a call now for a quote or use the contact form.

Podiums and Catwalks

Creating the right effect for your fashion show to boost the profile of your designs has never been easier. just let us know the dimension and surface covering and we will do the rest.









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