Black and White Dance Floor

The best way to make your event stand out from the crowd is to select an outstanding dance floor as a central piece to your event. Albert Hall have the largest selection of Dance floors to hire in London. We can provide you with single colour or mixed chequer board designs, imagine dancing on a multi coloured floor that allows you to bring out your inner John Travolta. Stun your guests by providing them with a freshly sprung and polished black and white Dance floor. Allow your dancers to move across the chequered board space as if they were kings and queens.

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  • Black and White Dance Floor for hire from Albert Hall Dancefloors
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  • BW26 - Black and White Chequered - Tobacco Dock
  • BW30 - Black and White Chequered - Houses of Parliment
  • BW32 - Black and White Chequered - Guildhall Crypt
  • BW10 - Black White Chequered









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