LED starlit dance floor

LED Furniture Hire from Albert Hall Dancefloors

When you are choosing your dance floor for your event, have you considered adding that extra sparkle? We are proud to be able to offer LED Dance floors in any colour or material. Traditionally you brought your event to life with a star cloth, you know the black one with the little lights poking through. Now you can add to this by having the lights come up from the floor. We can do this with a number of our floors including:

Black and White Dance Floors

White Dance Floor

Black Dance Floor

The lights can even be made to dance to the music if you want. Surely the best of both worlds. All our dance floors are UK manufactured, our LED floor our fully wired ensuring a perfect connection to each panel throughout the whole event ensuring you still have that twinkle by the end of the evening¯don’t be taken in by fake imitations. 

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